How would you like to be able to build your very own wildly profitable Internet Business?…Join the ranks of top marketing gurus…Achieve financial freedom… and live life on your terms? I mean, Who Wouldn’t Want That, Right?

The Only Way to Success (That Most Marketers Know)…

…. is buy e-books, courses, training programs – one after another – from different teachers and ‘experts’…There’s nothing wrong with that, except that you’d wind up with a bunch of contradicting school of thoughts and advice… That even if some of them are legit in their own rights, you’d be more confused than ever!

And There’s One Problem Most Internet Newbies Are Not Even Aware Of…

Sometimes This Gets Even the Best of Seasoned Marketers…

Everyone is so obsessed with shooting for the stars that they forget to ask where they are in the first place! In other words: you need to know where you are right now before you know where you want to go!

Most people are so fixated on goals like hitting 7 figures, and when they fall short of their mark they quickly get discouraged. Or when things don’t work out, they quit!

If This Sounds Like You Right Now, Believe Me, I’ve Been There.

When I started, my immediate goal was to leave my dead-end job. And of course, I wanted to achieve my own financial freedom in the near future. Problem was, I didn’t have a plan. I just know I wanted to make money online, but I didn’t really know what to do. And you know the saying… “Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail.” That was exactly what I experienced for the next several months. I was working hard at the computer, day, and night, only to see no result in my PayPal account.

Wow! What A Load Of B.S. huh?

It would only be much later that I arrived at an epiphany…That There Is A Building Block to Everything. And Online Marketing Is No Different. I mean, you can’t just fly to step 10 when you’re all the down here at step 1 right? Progress meant taking every step of the way and respecting the process. So, I started from building my list, building my brand, promoting products and earning affiliate commissions… To becoming a vendor selling my own product and eventually my own services.

Is this going to be for everyone? No, but I’d say it’s for most.

This Is Why I Created…

The 7 Figure Mastery Training Program


Act Now – Get Instant Access

7 Figure Mastery is a MASSIVE 32 modules, no holds barred, step-by-step guide for Internet Marketers that will take you from zero to creating a 7 figure Online Business.

Will This Be the Only Training Program You Need?

If I Were to Recount My Steps of Ascension…

I would break it down into 4 Stages – and I think this describes everyone on the same journey perfectly. So, here’s how it goes…

Stage 1: Newbie

This is self-explanatory. A newbie is someone (in this case, a marketer) who is just starting out and knows almost nothing, except wanting to succeed and make money online.

Stage 2: Beginner

While closely related to newbies and used interchangeably, to me a beginner is someone who’s been around for a bit of time (a few months) but hasn’t made money or seen any real results yet. This is also where a lot of people are stuck at – validating a proven business model and making at least a few thousand dollars. Once you’ve cracked the code, and consistently make income of at least $5,000 to $10,000 every month you move up the ladder…

Stage 3: Advanced

In my opinion, anyone who’s making at least $10,000 per month and above – CONSISTENTLY – are advanced marketers and skilled in their own ways For most beginners, this is usually the most immediate income goal and state to be in. I imagine that for a lot of people, earning a cushy 6 figures per year can get them the financial freedom they want. This is often seen as the first steppingstone to achieving a deeper level of freedom, but it doesn’t end here…The next common struggle at this stage is SCALING the business. How do you take it to 7 figures and beyond? At this point, marketers of this caliber scale what they already have: more traffic source, grow a team, increase their product prices…And when they do, they reach the coveted level of being a…

Stage 4: Guru

I know this term carries a negative connotation among some people in the Internet Marketing space, but it’s an embraced term, nonetheless. Few people I know call themselves such, but well you have no control if other people call you a “Guru” “Sensei” “Expert”… you get my drift. At this stage, you’re in the Million-dollar range and business is serious…The best part is: there is still more to come! However, you get the idea…Of course, everyone has their own definition and yard stick of success. And this is mine, in a very simplified explanation.

The most important thing right now is to recognize where you are at FIRST…WHERE you want to go…… And HOW you want to get there!

And That’s the Problem…

Most marketers don’t know where they are at right now. And if they don’t know where they are right now, how do they plan on going to the next level? Also, assuming they KNOW what to do! (big assumption right there). Look, this couldn’t be more imperative. Because I believe in the saying, “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.”

For example: You might be making a comfy income right now as an affiliate promoting other people’s products. Say, you want to get to $20,000 a month and above. Sure, you can do MORE of what you are doing right now but sooner or later you’ll find there’s a limit to your current model. You can only do so much with it.

So, if you want to make an explosive income or get to the next level, this means you have to reinvent parts of your business, change your approach, and pivot along the way…THAT IS SCALING DONE RIGHT THERE.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t even aware of this. And it took me a loooooong time to figure this out. That’s why my business took on different forms and changed approach over the years. How I do business today is nothing quite like when I started.

Here’s the Full List of the Modules Covered in This Training Program…


Just starting out? Fundamentals are more important than ever at this stage. You don’t want to be building a castle on sand!

  • 1-0 Setting Up Your Online Business
  • 2-0 Spying on the Market
  • 3-0 The 7 Figure Mindset


Where most marketers find themselves in… struggling and wandering aimlessly for months, sometimes years… with little to no results to show for! This is the make-or-break stage, and we cover the popular ways to make money for beginners:

  • 1-0 What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • 2-0 The CRAFT Strategy
  • 3-0 The Myth of Affiliate Marketing
  • 4-0 How to Choose the Best Product to Promote
  • 5-0 Criteria of the Best Product
  • 6-0 Killer Promo Secrets
  • 7-0 How To 3x Your Commissions
  • 8-0 Bonus Techniques
  • 9-0 Types of Killer Bonuses
  • 10-0 Solo Ads to Market Your Business


You’re minting some income now. It’s time to take it to the next level by developing your own Products, funnel and scale your traffic sources…

  • 1-0 Sales funnel – The Basics
  • 2-0 Components of a Sales funnel
  • 3-0 Introduction – Marketing Your Offer
  • 4-0 Copywriting – Writing to Sell
  • 5-0 Google Adwords – The Basics
  • 6-0 Google Adwords – Strategies and Tactics 1
  • 7-0 Google Adwords – Strategies and Tactics 2
  • 8-0 Optimizing Your Google Adwords Campaign
  • 9-0 Media Buying – Research and Analysis
  • 10-0 Media Buying – Your First Banner and Offer
  • 11-0 Facebook Ads – The Fundamentals 1
  • 12-0 Facebook Ads – The Fundamentals 2
  • 13-0 Warrior Special Offers (WSO)
  • 14-0 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 15-0 Instagram
  • 16-0 Tumblr
  • 17-0 Pinterest


So, you’ve made a cushy income, by my estimation a comfy six figures per year! But what’s next? Now it’s time to propel into gurudom by offering your own high-end Programs that seal your reputation as a tier-1 Internet Marketer (and be on your way to 7 figures!)

  • 1-0 Your High-Ticket Offer
  • 2-0 Your Step-by-Step Guide

Right Now, You Have 2 Choices…

OPTION A: Join everyone else in spending a small fortune on a bunch of different systems, blueprints, techniques, methods…

Try to make sense of the mishmash of a mess…

And NOT see results…


OPTION B: Just Get 7 Figure Mastery and save all the guess work. You know the smarter option…

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