Love to organize? Are you crazy busy with a million tasks/programs? I know that’s me!

I used to feel like I was being pulled in a million directions at once and I would never catch up with all of my tasks. My life was consumed with chronic fatigue and stress. I was constantly spinning my wheels yet I felt that I was not accomplishing anything. What did I learn? I finally figured out that I needed to organize!

I thought, “If only there was a way help keep all of my tasks and program components organized. Better yet, keep it all organized AND make it accessible from anywhere, at any time.” The ultimate bonus would be to find a solution that I could use for business AND personal use. I began to believe that was all a bridge too far and something that only happens in my dreams.


Guess what?? I have great news!!  I found an awesome cloud-based software called Trello that is the answer to my prayers. You know something else? I bet it will make you happy as a clam as well. You are probably asking yourself, “What the heck is Trello?”

Trello is a project/task management system that is perfect for all kinds of personal projects and tasks, such as home projects, budgets, school assignments, and more. On the business side of the house, it is great for managing marketing projects, content teams, customer support tracking, sales pipelines, and personnel tracking. The use is really only as limited as your imagination.



Trello is such an easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require any special skills to use. If you can connect to the Internet and launch a browser, you can use Trello. It is great for beginners but has enough awesome capabilities that even the most seasoned professionals will find it appealing and quite helpful.

Trello’s Management and Planning Features

Trello helps individuals and teams become more organized and work more collaboratively. The boards, lists, and cards enable you and your teams to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. You will find that Trello has several uses, and it is quite flexible. You can set it up to manage anything you want. Here are a few of its features:

  • Project and task scheduling and prioritization: Trello uses a kanban board system for planning, scheduling, and prioritizing tasks, complete with due dates and labels.
  • Shared team calendar: Trello offers a shared team calendar view with their “power up” (or Trello app) add-on options. This view shows tasks, due dates, and the relevant owners for each task.
  • Time tracking: Time tracking is available as an additional “power-up” option. Using this feature, you’ll be able to track time spent on tasks and either bill that time to clients or use it to implement improvements for project execution.
  • Attachment storage: Every card in Trello includes an attachment button that allows you to upload files and images as well as connect with other services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • Collaboration and file sharing: Each Trello card includes a commenting section at the bottom, which allows you to upload attachments, tag other users, add emojis, or even attach other Trello cards.
  • Team dashboards: Trello’s entire main page functions as a team dashboard, which includes the tasks, how far along they are on the board, and who is working on what.

Additional Benefits

Trello is an information management system that resides in the cloud so you can access it and update it from any device as long as you have an Internet connection. It becomes a one-stop-shop for passwords, tasks, lists, digital files, and more. Did I mention that you can use it for FREE? Crazy, hunh?

As a free member, you can build up to 10 different boards, which can be set up to organize anything and everything. They have templates you can use, or you can build your own. There is a ton of options for you.

Right now, I have the following boards:

  • Self Development Insights (my blog)
  • Creative Content Workflow
  • Marketing Strategy Product Launch
  • Publishing To-Do
  • Editorial Workflow
  • Two boards for managing courses I am developing

Check out the screen shots from my account that give you an idea of what you can do with Trello.

My Boards
Inside One of My Boards

So Happy I Found Trello!

I am so happy that I finally found Trello. I don’t know how I would keep all of my tasks and projects straight without these boards and I have NO idea what I would have done if I hadn’t found Trello!

You can pick up your free account by clicking on this link I highly recommend it! Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

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