A Rough Start on My Road to Marketing Excellence

My journey as a marketing professional began in early 2020. (I am using the term “professional marketer” loosely at the point.) Until now, learning marketing principles has been challenging; a real uphill battle. So many empty promises… But now there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

It was crazy. I thought I had done everything right; did extensive research on the niche I wanted (health and wellness); studied hard and obtained certifications as a Holistic Nutritionist and Vegan Nutritionist; and built my blog site, and all of the other social media accounts to go with it. The problem was few people were subscribing to my blog. There was decent traffic (not great), but no genuine interest. I was getting extremely frustrated and was on the verge of giving up. I was bleeding money and I not seeing any results for all of my hard work.

Tried Everything Under the Sun

Chasing programs and people who promised results because nothing seemed to work was my modius operandi. I bounced from one product and program to another. I paid for more products and services than I can even count. It didn’t matter what I did, or how I did it, nothing was working. These programs and services looked great. The problem is they didn’t offer any personalized coaching (real one-on-one assistance). The training modules left much to be desired.

Something to note, I have an MA in Management. I am working on a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership. I realize that I don’t know everything about everything. However, I am certain that I am smart enough to read and understand instructions. This is particularly true because I am a Chief Editor in my full-time job. The instructions (written and video) in these programs were poorly written and the speakers were difficult to understand.

A Beacon of Light Appeared Before Me

A beacon of light, in the form of Steven Alvey and John Thornhill, appeared before me. Steven, who is an Air Force Veteran just like me (that let me know that he had integrity and we a common bond), spoke to me about how he transitioned from the Air Force into a successful marketing career. He didn’t try to do any type of hard sale of anything (that, by the way, is a complete turn off for me when people do that!); instead, he just gave me information and advice. One thing he shared with me was that John Thornhill was his coach, his mentor. John played a major part in developing him into the top marketing professional that he is today.

Through our numerous interactions, he introduced me to a webinar that outlined the coaching and training program. The call was very informative and revealed to me some of the ways I was going wrong. I found out before I even enrolled in the program and before I took any of the training or coaching sessions, that I had NO idea how to build lists, get traffic, and make the most of my blog. The webinar showed me that I was FINALLY in the right place and that I could get what I was missing….I found someone to mentor me.

The Marketing Program

The program, Partnership to Success, is a one-stop-shop, with coaching, training, and support from the entire team of Ambassadors and members. I was welcomed into the program and made to feel at home right away. Every marketing and online business setup question I had (and there was a bunch of them) was quickly and succinctly answered. The videos were easy to understand and had great visual aids to show me exactly what I needed to do to get set up.

Although I am only in the beginning stage of the program, I have already learned so much! I have begun to understand the fundamentals of traffic and which programs to use to help me build my marketing business. I have found some great tools to help develop and manage my business. There is only up from here! I will go through this program, taking in all of the tips, techniques, and training it offers and will apply it to my new marketing career; SO excited!

Follow Me to Learn More

Please follow me as I go on my journey. Are you are interested in learning how to start your business or give life to a dead business? Join me by enrolling in this awesome webinar. There are no strings attached and you are not required to purchase a thing. They will offer the opportunity to you if you are interested, but they will not pressure you. Become an Affiliate if you want to learn more about the program before jumping all the way in. The Affiliate program is also a great way to earn the money to pay for your membership. 🙂


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