Christmas Aromas are Wonderful!


It is hard to believe that it is Christmastime already. This year has flown by at an amazing rate! It seems like it was just Christmas a couple of months ago. This time last year, I returned from a work trip to South Korea and was in the middle of getting our house set up from a move in October. We bought the house the end of September and a few days later, I went on a three-week work trip and turned around two weeks after I returned from that trip and then I left South Korea. I was so excited to get the new house decorated for my family.

Christmas is a magical time of year that is full of love, beautiful decorations and music, great food, and wonderful smells. It has always been my favorite holiday with amazing memories of my childhood.

If you are anything like me, you love warm and inviting smells of Christmas. The cinnamon, cloves, orange, and rosemary bring such a delightful aroma into my house and remind me of the incredible years with my parents. I tried for what seems like forever to replicate the recipe but failed year after year. I am so excited to say that a friend of mine shared an awesome recipe on FaceBook and it smells AMAZING! It is easy to make too!

***I do not own the rights to this recipe but wanted to share it so others could enjoy it as well. Thank you, INSTRUPIX for posting this awesome recipe.

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    4 replies to "Christmas — Make Your House Smell Warm and Inviting"

    • Tony

      Really, Christmas already…. as a bloke I have to say that Christmas for me starts on Christmas ever, when I realise I have not yet got the ‘Current Mrs Simms’ a present. A mad dash to town see’s me jostling with all the other husbands who likewise leave Christmas to the last minute, and then turn up to an amazing event that the other half has organised.

    • Diana Keeler

      Isn’t is summer for you during Christmas?
      Thank you SO much for the comment. 🙂

    • Matt Ward

      I lurrrve cinammon! However my wife is now allergic to it! So we never have it. Have you found anything that comes close?

      For me Christmas is here when the tree goes up and we decorate it listening to Abba Gold!

    • Diana Keeler

      I love ABBA!! I haven’t seen a non-cinnamon version but will post if I find it.

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