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Jim Rohn Wasn’t Doing Well

Jim Rohn is one of my favorite speakers. He went from broke, to a millionaire, and then back to broke again just a few short years later. When he made his way back up the second time around, he gained more wisdom and knowledge to pass onto the masses and has helped many people after he achieved success and financial independence. To top it off, he was a successful entrepreneur in Network Marketing, which is why I find myself listening to him often.

14 Reasons

Before his success, he had a long list of reasons for why he was not doing well. Here are the 14 things he blamed:

1.) The government.

2.) Taxes.  Look what you have left after they take everything. And they expect you to do well.

3.) Prices. You walk into the supermarket with $20 and come out with a half bag.

4.) Weather.

5.) Traffic.

6.) My car.

7.) The manufacturers.

8.) The company.

9.) Company policy.

10.) The training program.

11.) My negative relatives. They’re always putting me down.

12.) My cynical neighbors. They’re just selfish, always looking out for themselves; won’t loan me money.

13.) The economy.

14.) The community.

Sound Familiar?

Do any of these sound familiar to you? There are loads of things and people we can blame for why we’re not doing well. But nothing’s going to change until we start taking responsibility. Thankfully for Jim, someone was there to point out to him the one thing that was missing from his list. Him.

He quickly learned he needed to tear up his list and make a new list with just one word on it. “Me.”

Here is the philosophy he learned that turned his life around: “It’s not what happens, but rather, it’s what you do.”

What happens, happens to everybody. The sun went down on all of us last night. It rains on the rich, just as it rains on the poor.  But it’s what you do, that changes everything.

What happens is the same. It’s what people “do” that’s different.

Here is the cold, hard truth: the next 5 years are going to be the same as the last 5 years if you don’t change something. It’s your choice. Any day you wish, you can change your life.

Let’s tear up that list and make a new one with one word on it. “Me.”

What were some other reasons you had on your list for not doing well?

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    4 replies to "Jim Rohn: 14 Unbelievable Reasons for Not Doing Well"

    • h2oexperiment

      Not enough time and my kids make it hard to get things done.

    • Grateful Banker

      I think I have used the “time” excuse once or twice or hundred times myself. I read the Four-Hour Work Week and that made me look at time very differently. I started keeping a journal this year to hold myself accountable. Small goals every day turn into big goals over a year. While I am not perfect, it has made me much more productive this year. I am also a fan of Jim Rohn!

      • Natalia Mendoza

        I’ve never read the Four-Hour Work Week but I’ll definitely have to check it out! I couldn’t agree more that small goals everyday can make a big difference in the course of a year. It sounds like you’ve taken some positive and practical steps towards reaching your long term goals. Thanks for sharing and for the good tips! 🙂

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