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Building Your Business: Are You Stuck?

Starting a business, building it properly, and growing it isn’t for the faint at heart. It is HARD work! It can also often be overwhelming. All of this can cause us to be stuck and not know where to go from here. This can even cause us to be caught in analysis paralysis.

People often ask, “Where do I start?” “How do I build a strong brand?” “Can I do it?” Most businesses fail within the first year and sadly, many people quit before they have even given it the good-‘ol college try. Here are a few things to remember: 1. Our mindset and mental health are critical for success. 2. You don’t have to do it all yourself! 3. There are tools that make your job easier.

Your Mindset and Mental Health

Something new business owners often overlook is their health, especially their mental health, during the time they are trying to build their business. There is an immense amount of time and effort (and money) needed during the start-up, which can cause stress and anxiety. This can often lead to self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence, which for many, turns into the self-defeatist attitude that causes them to quit. You need to remember to remain positive… Improve your mental health by adopting a solid work-life balance…

Work-Life Balance

Learning how to balance your work and life can pay off in dividends. It’s important to learn how to obtain a work/life balance for all aspects of your life without just focusing on just your new business. Sure, being dedicated is extremely important, but we need balance if we are going to succeed. Because without it, you will become worn down, especially if you go non-stop.

Take a day for self-care. On this day, relax and clear your mind. Focus on your internal peace by meditating, practicing Yoga, giving yourself an at-home spa day. Better yet, treat yourself to a full-service spa! It is amazing how taking just a little time for yourself can improve your mindset and mental health.

Don’t try to do it all yourself!

We are taught from a young age to be self-sufficient; to do things on our own. I believe that in most cases this is true. There is that awesome feeling when we accomplish great things without help. With that being said, there is no shame in asking for help. In fact, sometimes it is smart to leverage others’ expertise and knowledge. No, I do not advocate plagiarism! What I do want you to do is ask for help and find tips and tools that will help you with building your business.

In this day and age of technology and with the Internet, we have access to so many incredible tools and courses that can help you with building your business. You just need to know where to look. We can find everything from templates for social media and web pages, to courses on how to optimize your site and pages, to plug-ins and programs that making building your business SO much easier!

Another often overlooked option is to work with a coach. I honestly didn’t think I needed one and I didn’t trust those “shady marketers who are only out to get a quick buck.” Admittingly, my trust level was VERY low and I just pushed on by myself, struggling all along. I have to admit that I did learn some very cool things, like how to build this blog, on my own, but I was missing so many critical elements that I need to succeed. For example, I had no idea how to drive traffic. Writing great content is, well, great, but it doesn’t do anyone any good if people can’t see it.

Business Tools

Everyone needs a little help with growing their business and building their brand. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge and expertise needed to create the awesome ads, beautiful graphics, or perfect branding. But luckily, there are some incredible businesses out there who specialize in just that! They are here to help you with building your business.

We have so many helpful tools and courses at our disposal. There are templates, printables, plug-ins, social media and optimization courses, and more.

Templates and Printables

Building your business is so much easier when you use templates and printables. It is amazing how much time (and frustration) you can save by leveraging the layouts and tools that others develop and market.

Want to grow and audience of 1K, 10K or even 100K engaged superfans? Unlock 100 tested and proven Viral Content Templates. Fully customizable with your brand colors / fonts in Canva and  expertly formulated to generate engagement, grow your following and boost sales, without having to pay for ads (and for less than $30)?

Work-at-home planner template. This template comes as a complete set of 21 unique planner pages to plan your work at home schedule. Perfect planner for anyone working from home to organize their schedule and plan their projects and agenda.

Plug-ins and Sites

It is easy as ever to work on building your business when you use plug-ins for your blog and take advantage of incredible sites that are designed to optimize your efforts.

InstagramReels Marketing has Top-Converting, Superior Private Label Rights Package And Have An Unlimited Supply Of Traffic At Your Fingertips, Just Waiting To Be Converted Into Sales And Profits!

Host unlimited websites with this brand new software-Profit Host. You get unlimited cloud hosting for all of your sites, at a low, one-time price.


Taking the time to learn how work on building your business is worth more than you can put a price tag on. There are so many awesome courses and workshops out there. Here are a couple to consider.

The Viral Hashtags Mastery Workshop. The Ultimate 2 Hour Workshop Bundle to Boost Your Engagement, Go Viral and Reach More Ideal Clients on Instagram using a proven and tested Viral Hashtags System. 

LinkedIn for the Marketer. Just take a moment and reflect on yourself as a marketer. Now view yourself as a LinkedIn marketer. As there are great similarities, there are also great differences. As experienced as you may be, you might need some guidance, and what would be better than a report solely meant for the enlightenment of marketers who are involved or want to be involved with the LinkedIn world. Learn all about how you can use LinkedIn to build your business.

Mastering Instagram. Using Instagram can be beneficial for all types of businesses. Whether you own a small hardware store or a high-end luxury boutique, Instagram is the perfect platform to help you market your products. This is because it provides your company with significant online exposure and appeals to your more visual audience, which leads to more sale conversions and profits.Learn how to master Instagram with this highly sought after book.

Other Tools

We discussed templates and printables, plug-ins and sites, and courses that are extremely helpful in building your business. Take a look below to find more tools to help with building your business and with helping you not feel so overwhelmed.

The Future Is Here… The PowerPoint Template That Does It All. The Slide Deck Kit helps you create your own stunningly professional presentations with this multi-purpose and most customizable PowerPoint templates…Select, mix and match, then save. Edit your PowerPoint template faster and easily. No experience required to use Slide Deck Kit PowerPoint template.

Find more awesome business-development tools, printables and planners, business tools, business and self-development courses. Join our new FaceBook group and share your knowledge with others. Find top business, health, and wellness tips, tools, and courses here.

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