Motivation is crucial to reaching your goals. However, finding what is needed to push forward and achieve these goals can prove extremely challenging.

While on your quest, you could end up making all kinds of mistakes. Here, you’ll discover five of those mistakes you might be making right now.

1. You’ve Set Unrealistic Goals

Nothing kills motivation quite like unrealistic goals. You see, if your goals are unrealistic, you’re not going to be able to achieve them. You won’t even see any real progression toward getting where you want to be.

If you don’t see positive changes, you may not be able to remain motivated. Smaller, more realistic goals will help give you a boost in motivation, which will help you stay on track.

2. Not Celebrating Your Accomplishments

While it’s good to have goals to work toward, it’s also important to celebrate when you achieve them.

Many people get into the mindset where as soon as they achieve something, they automatically move on to the next thing. However, when you do that you’re not really recognizing or celebrating how far you’ve come.

Recognizing your achievements really helps to keep you motivated.

3. You Let the Past Hold You Back

Our past is important, but it shouldn’t be so important that it holds you back from the present. If you find yourself constantly stuck in the past, you’re going to find it hard to motivate yourself for the future.

Let your past be a motivator to achieve more, but don’t let it hold you back. Take chances, even if something hasn’t worked out in the past.

Whenever you feel your past attacking you, remind yourself that you’re not in the past anymore. This is your present and your future and the past has no power over either of them.

4. You Wait for It

Motivation isn’t going to magically just come to seek you out. While you will reach points in your life that will motivate you to make a change, largely you need to actively work on it.

Identify what it is that motivates you and then do it. A huge part of being motivated is self-discipline. So, be strict with yourself in the times you feel your motivation starting to decrease.

5. You Procrastinate

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is procrastinating. Thanks to technology, it’s easy to become distracted from our goals. There’s always something else that commands our attention.

The trouble is procrastination literally kills motivation. So, if you find you waste a lot of time doing unnecessary things, aim to become more focused. This will help keep you on track and moving toward your goals.

These are just 5 mistakes you could be making to hinder your motivation. Changing any of the habits above can be challenging. However, with perseverance, it is possible to overcome these mistakes and keep your motivation topped up.

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    • Daz

      Good article, I think one should also consider locus of control when looking at intrinsic motivation.

    • Karine

      Such simple reminders are a great way to get our motivation going for our specific goals! thanks for sharing!

      • Diana Keeler

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    • Rochelle

      Great article, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and so I always set high and unrealistic goals and then get super disappointed when I don’t accomplish them, thanks for sharing

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