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Writing a blog can be fun and even therapeutic. Even though this is true, you still want your blog to be read and enjoyed by others. You want people to find it, read it, and subscribe to it. You may even want to monetize it so you can make money from it. Keep reading to discover three simple (and typically free) ways to get your blog seen.

  1. Submit your blog to sites like Digg, Reddit, BlogHer, Social bookmarking, etc. You simply submit your blog to the various sites and allow it to bounce around until a reader finds it interesting and clicks on it. You simply wait for the link to be clicked on by someone. One major benefit to this is there is no cost to you. However, a disadvantage of this method is that the timing is out of your control.
  2. Share your posts to social media. This is another free and very effective way to get your blog seen because there is a massive audience surfing the various platforms, looking for things to read. A bonus is that if you write interesting content, you may even get readers commenting on it, which provides more exposure. Finally, readers can share your content, which means all their friends and followers will also see it and they may even share it. Your posts may even go viral!
  3. Join a blog exchange network, where people cross-promote each other’s blogs. This is usually free to do and sometimes you can use the network to get guest-post opportunities. This is where you can have your post placed on their blog. This means you can be seen by their audience and be shared to their lists. Collaborating with others can give you a big boost to your blog‘s visibility.

Other Tips for Getting Your Blog Seen

1. Link multiple sites together. Post all of your blog links on all of your sites. This is another way to do cross-promotions. I use the blog menu to do this. It is quite simple. To do this, you open the menu feature in your WordPress site and instead of linking a page on your site, you enter the URL to the other site. The reader is directed to your other site without any effort on their part.

2. Use search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage. You can do this by adding the same images or content to all of your sites. This can help get ranked higher on search engines. Using keywords is another effective way to use SEO for getting your blog seen. Note, some people believe this can hurt your SEO. I have personally not seen any ill effects.

3. Build a mailing list by placing a subscribe button on your blog. This allows people to subscribe to your blog, so they automatically get every post you make. You don’t want to rely on them coming back to your site on their own. If they see you in their inbox, they will remember you and likely visit.

These are just a few common ways to get your blog seen. There are many more out there, you just need to do a little research and you will find them.

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