2020 to 2021

Goodbye 2020….Hello 2021.

2020 has come and gone and now 2021 is upon us. There is always good and bad that happens to and around us. However, sometimes the scale is tipped a little further in one direction than the other. These experiences (good and bad) gave me several revelations about 2020 and a few inspirations for this new year.

2020 Revelations

There was the good…the bad…and the ugly (in no particular order).

The Bad and the Ugly

The year 2020 seemed to be plagued with nastiness for most people. The world-wide COVID-19 pandemic was certainly at the top of that list. There are some people who weathered that storm better than others. Many people became ill and some unfortunately died. Travel became severely restricted and businesses were forced to close; some permanently. People lost jobs and ran into extreme financial hardships. I never thought I would experience anything close to what 2020 became.

During the past several decades (in the United States anyhow) leading up to and including 2020, we moved at a faster and faster pace. We didn’t slow down much and because of it, we spent less time with our family. The fast-paced lifestyle caused our stress levels to skyrocket, and in many people’s cases, their health began to decline. The COVID-19 pandemic simply added to what was already a failing state of health and wellness for many.

“I never thought I would experience anything close to what 2020 became.”

Diana Keeler

Another revelation for me–one that is very personal–is that I am getting older and my body is changing. I am 54 years old (that is SO hard for me to wrap my head around) and my body is beginning to show it. Until 2020, I never had blood pressure problems and other than allergies and respiratory issues, I was overall pretty healthy.

I was a skinny person most of my life. Tall with long legs and no fat. My weight problem didn’t begin until I was injured in the Air Force in 2001. After that injury, I began packing on the weight, tipping the scales at over 216 pounds. Through a ton of hard work and perseverance in 2019, I lost 30 of those pounds. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to gain back 15 of those pounds in 2020 as I was stuck at home. Pretty depressing.

Also, in 2020, I was for the first time, diagnosed with hypertension, AKA high blood pressure. I am now taking two types of medications every day and have had to cut salt out of my diet (I love salt). I am not sure that I like this whole getting older thing… Hypertension sucks!


The Good

Despite the nastiness of 2020 and all its restrictions, brought to us in the name of the COVID-19 pandemic, some good things happened. I believe that 2020 became a year of the family. Because travel was restricted and schools and businesses were closed, families spent more time together. Once again, people enjoyed family dinners, played games, and actually talked to each other. Strange and a bit sad that it took something like this to bring us back to where we used to be back in the 50s; hopefully, we don’t lose it again.

Another great thing that 2020 brought was that I was promoted into the job I have wanted for years! I became the Chief Editor for my organization and I now have a team of nine: five editors, two illustrators, an information security specialist, and a publications clerk. With this new position, I can do what I love: edit, write, manage projects and programs, and lead people. My years of hard work has finally paid off.

Something else positive that 2020 gave to me is that because I was stuck at home (not having to commute and not able to run out the mall, etc.), I was able to spend more time focusing on my blog and business. As a result of this added focus, I found some new and awesome friends. One of my new friends even introduced me to an awesome mentor, John Thornhill, who has a program called Partnership to Success (P2S). This program has taught me how to properly set up my blog–the framework, necessary plug-ins and programs, marketing techniques, and list-building procedures. I am also learning how to do audio and video production. I am having SO much fun!

2021 Inspirations

Now that 2020 is behind me, I have some 2021 inspirations. I don’t like to call them New Year’s Resolutions, you know, those things we all commit to doing but usually forget about in a few weeks. Inspiration is a better term for me because the things I want to do are driven by concepts and feelings rather than concrete, one-time tasks. These things I want to do will be long-term and ongoing developmental “projects.” The concepts and ideas will turn into a series of steps and tasks, which will lead me to new and exciting places in my life.

  1. Lose weight. I will not associate a number on the scale or time to lose weight/get healthy. Instead, I will commit to doing things that will make me feel better, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The weight loss will simply be a byproduct of the healthy lifestyle.
  2. Lower my blood pressure and stress levels. I am committed to allowing life to happen to me without it affecting my health and wellbeing. I will detox my body inside and out by meditating and participating in stress-relief programs so I can focus on what is important and at the same time block out the noise around me.
  3. Develop personally; learn a new task each month. Although there is a time associated with this (every month), it is not a set-in-stone timeline. I may learn many things during that period, or I make take a little longer to master a particular task. An example is learning how to develop and launch a new product. This may take some time to learn because I refuse to rush to failure. Instead, I will trust the process that I am learning in P2S and will ensure I am ready to launch.
  4. Step outside of my comfort zone. I am very much an Introvert who is perfectly happy spending time alone and remaining in the shadows. I am inspired to change that this year. Although I will still be an Introvert, because that is how I am wired, I will manage how I interact with the world differently. One thing that immediately comes to mind is producing videos and developing mentoring sessions. The thought terrifies me, but I am going to do it! I survived 2020, I can do this!

I refuse to allow the nastiness of 2020 to define me! What I will do instead, is learn from it and will implement the lessons learned. I will push forward and make 2021 my banner year-physically, mentally, for my family, career, and business.