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There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel {My Eye-Opening Journey to Marketing Excellence}


A Rough Start on My Road to Marketing Excellence

I began my journey as a marketing professional in early 2020 (I am using the term “professional marketer” loosely at the point.) Until now, learning marketing principles has been challenging; a real uphill battle. So many empty promises… But now there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

I thought I had done everything right. I did extensive research on the niche I wanted (health and wellness). I studied hard and obtained certifications as a Holistic Nutritionist and Vegan Nutritionist. I built my blog site, and all of the other social media accounts to go with it. The problem was, few people were subscribing to my blog. I seemed to have decent traffic (not great), but no genuine interest. I was beginning to get extremely frustrated and was on the verge of giving up. I was bleeding money and I not seeing any results for all of my hard work.

I Tried Everything Under the Sun

I kept chasing programs and people who promised results because nothing seemed to work. I bounced from one product and program to another and I paid for more products and services than I can even count. It didn’t matter what I did, or how I did it, nothing was working. Although these programs and services looked great, they didn’t offer any personalized coaching (real one-on-one assistance), and the training modules left much to be desired.

Something to note: I have an MA in Management and Leadership and I am working on a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership. While I realize that I don’t know everything about everything, I am certain that I am smart enough to read and understand instructions, particularly since I am a Chief Editor in my full-time job. The instructions (written and video) in these programs were poorly written and the speakers were difficult to understand.

A Beacon of Light Appeared Before Me

A beacon of light, in the form of Steven Alvey and John Thornhill, appeared before me. Steven, who is an Air Force Veteran just like me (that let me know that he had integrity and we a common bond), spoke to me about how he transitioned from the Air Force into a successful marketing career. He didn’t try to do any type of hard sale of anything (that, by the way, is a complete turn off for me when people do that!); instead, he just gave me information and advice. One thing he shared with me was that John Thornhill was his coach, his mentor. John played a major part in developing him into the top marketing professional that he is today.

Through our numerous interactions, he introduced me to a webinar that outlined the coaching and training program. The call was very informative and revealed to me some of the ways I was going wrong. I found out before I even enrolled in the program and before I took any any of the training or coaching sessions, that I had NO idea how to build lists, get traffic, and make the most of my blog. I also discovered through the webinar, that I was FINALLY in the right place and that I could get what I was missing….I found someone to mentor me.

The Program

The program, Partnership to Success, is a one-stop-shop, with coaching, training, and support from the entire team of Ambassadors and members. I was welcomed into the program and made to feel at home right away. Every marketing and online business setup question I had (and there was a bunch of them) was quickly and succinctly answered. The videos were easy to understand and had great visual aids to show me exactly what I needed to do to get set up.

Although I am only in the beginning stage of the program, I have already learned so much! I have begun to understand the fundamentals of traffic and which programs to use to help me build my marketing business. I have found some great tools to help develop and manage my business. There is only up from here! I will go through this program, taking in all of the tips, techniques, and training it offers and will apply it to my new marketing career. I am SO excited!

I hope you follow me as I go on my journey. If you are interested in learning how to start your business or give life to a dead business, join me by enrolling in this awesome webinar. There are no strings attached and you are not required to purchase a thing. They will offer the opportunity to you if you are interested, but they will not pressure you. You can also join me as an Affiliate if you want to learn more about the program before jumping all the way in. The Affiliate program is also a great way to earn the money to pay for your membership. 🙂


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Stress Less with These Thanksgiving Day Reminders


Thanksgiving Day Reminders

There’s a lot that goes into executing a Thanksgiving Day feast. Prepping for the day, cooking, cleaning, and making sure things are just right can really take its toll. It’s normal for people to feel stressed, even when they are trying to feel blessed.

In all the hustle and bustle the true meaning of the holiday might get lost so it’s important to take a deep breath and remind yourself of what’s most important. Here are some Thanksgiving reminders that will help you and your family stress less and enjoy the holiday.

Stress less reminder- You’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Thanksgiving isn’t about food, it’s about gratitude. Celebrating the holiday without reminding yourself what you have to be thankful for would be a waste. Be sure to find gratitude in the simplest things. There’s something about being grateful that diminishes worries and stress. Sure, you’ve got things to feel overwhelmed about but there is so much more to be thankful for!

Stress less reminder- People don’t care how clean your home is. It might feel overwhelming and stressful prepping for company and hosting people. The urge to clean can lead to the urge to redecorate, paint walls, and more. Don’t let prep get out of hand and stress you out. Most people won’t notice dust bunnies or some clutter. Stress less by doing what you can before your gathering and not worrying about what you can’t get done. If the meal is great and the company is fun, what more can you ask for?

Stress less reminder- Cherish people because time is short. We never know what the future holds. It’s important to cherish people while they are here. If you rarely see family outside of the holidays be sure to soak up as much time with them as you can. Stress less by prioritizing quality time with family and friends and letting go of chores, expectations, and duties that prevent you from staying connected. When it’s all said and done, people won’t recall what you fed them for the Thanksgiving meal, but they will remember how you made them feel when you were together.

So much goes into planning gatherings that it can cause stress when it should cause joy. Stress less by reminding yourself of what matters most and soaking up the friends and family time that accompanies Thanksgiving. Be careful to remind yourself that you’ve got a lot to be thankful for, people truly don’t mind a messy house, and life’s short…love people.

Want to read more about surviving the Holidaze? Well, you are in luck! I have a brand new e-book, How to Survive the Holidaze Without Losing the Spirit or Your Mind.

Motivation: 3 Elements Behind the Science {Best way to get things done now}



When it comes to success, there is one key component that may be more important than even such factors as talent, intelligence, money or connections. That elusive piece of the puzzle is motivation. After all, without this, nothing can be accomplished. You won’t reach your goals or meet your self-imposed deadlines without the motivation to take action toward them. Unfortunately, that motivation is often what is lacking in the fulfillment of desires.

We all have lists of things we hope to accomplish. These lists contain big goals, daily tasks and everything in between. Learning how to increase your motivation will boost the likelihood of checking more items off your list. Let’s take a look at the science of motivation and the ways to harness it to your advantage.

An Improved Approach to Motivation

Author Dan Pink writes in his best-selling book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, that the there are three components of motivation that compel individuals to get things done. His premise is that the traditional method of motivating ourselves and others using a carrots and sticks type of reward system is ineffective. Instead, he argues that the scientific approach to understanding the makeup of motivation provides a far better lens from which to view the subject. By understanding the factors that tangibly affect motivation, we can then develop strategies to increase it.

Three Elements of Motivation

The three elements of motivation Pink discusses in his book are autonomy, value and competence. It is these components, according to researchers, that drive people to become motivated.

  1. Autonomy refers to the amount of control or independence one feels over a task or action. It has been shown that when you feel that you have a significant amount of input regarding that task, you are more likely to follow through to completion.
  2. The second component of motivation, value, is the amount of personal significance or importance you place on a matter. In essence, if something matters to you on a personal level, you will feel more motivation to take it on than if you are simply given an assignment to which you feel no connection.
  3. Competence has been found to come from an individual’s feeling of mastery as it relates to practice and hard work, not necessarily to one’s natural abilities. If you spend time developing competence toward a particular goal, it is predicted that you will be more motivated to complete said goal.

Strategies to Increase Motivation

Now that you have an understanding of what matters most with regard to what motivates us, it’s time to consider some strategies to increase motivation. Using the concept of autonomy as a guide, let’s consider ways to add a sense of control or involvement into activities that need to be completed.

One way to do this is to take ownership of a chore or add some aspect of self-direction to it. If you are having difficulty starting a project such as submitting a paper for review, it may help to think of all the ways doing so will set you apart as an expert in your field. In doing so, you’ll see that turning in the paper is a necessary component to sharing your unique views with your colleagues.

To add value to your task, you want to make it meaningful or personal. Find a way to add purpose to that item on your to-do list. This involves changing your perspective or the way you look at that item. Completing your taxes is a dreaded chore for most of us, but you can add purpose to it by focusing on the work you’ve done that comprises the numbers on the page or the contribution you’ve made to your job and community through your efforts. Paying taxes is a symbol of good citizenry.

Finally, there’s competence. Feeling mastery over an act requires practice. Try to look at the job at hand as one in which you are working toward an end goal of skillfulness. For instance, you’ll soon see the treadmill as less of an adversary the more workout sessions you endure. So, along with the ultimate goal of getting fit, you’ll soon see each session become easier, leading to a feeling of accomplishment.

Motivation is not always easy to come by. However, with this knowledge of the science behind it, you can now pursue the steps required to achieve your dreams more effectively. Soon you’ll be mastering your goals, which will fuel your motivation toward future endeavors.

Be motivated but still maintain a work/life balance.

A daily planner can change your life.

Building Your Business: Are You Stuck? {3 quick and easy hacks that can help!}

building your business

Building Your Business: Are You Stuck?

Starting a business, building it properly, and growing it isn’t for the faint at heart. It is HARD work! It can also often be overwhelming. All of this can cause us to be stuck and not know where to go from here. This can even cause us to be caught in analysis paralysis.

People often ask, “Where do I start?” “How do I build a strong brand?” “Can I do it?” Most businesses fail within the first year and sadly, many people quit before they have even given it the good-‘ol college try. Here are a few things to remember: 1. Our mindset and mental health are critical for success. 2. You don’t have to do it all yourself! 3. There are tools that make your job easier.

Your Mindset and Mental Health

Something new business owners often overlook is their health, especially their mental health, during the time they are trying to build their business. There is an immense amount of time and effort (and money) needed during the start-up, which can cause stress and anxiety. This can often lead to self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence, which for many, turns into the self-defeatist attitude that causes them to quit. You need to remember to remain positive… Improve your mental health by adopting a solid work-life balance…

Work-Life Balance

Learning how to balance your work and life can pay off in dividends. It’s important to learn how to obtain a work/life balance for all aspects of your life without just focusing on just your new business. Sure, being dedicated is extremely important, but we need balance if we are going to succeed. Without it, you will become worn down, especially if you go non-stop.

Take a day for self-care. On this day, relax and clear your mind. Focus on your internal peace by meditating, practicing Yoga, giving yourself an at-home spa day. Better yet, treat yourself to a full-service spa! It is amazing how taking just a little time for yourself can improve your mindset and mental health.

Don’t try to do it all yourself!

We are taught from a young age to be self-sufficient; to do things on our own. I believe that in most cases this is true. There is that awesome feeling when we accomplish great things without help. With that being said, there is no shame in asking for help. In fact, sometimes it is smart to leverage others’ expertise and knowledge. No, I do not advocate plagiarism! What I do want you to do is ask for help and find tips and tools that will help you with building your business.

In this day and age of technology and with the Internet, we have access to so many incredible tools and courses that can help you with building your business. You just need to know where to look. We can find everything from templates for social media and web pages, to courses on how to optimize your site and pages, to plug-ins and programs that making building your business SO much easier!

Business Tools

Everyone needs a little help with growing their business and building their brand. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge and expertise needed to create the awesome ads, beautiful graphics, or perfect branding. But luckily, there are some incredible businesses out there who specialize in just that! They are here to help you with building your business.

We have so many helpful tools and courses at our disposal. There are templates, printables, plug-ins, social media and optimization courses, and more.

Templates and Printables

Building your business is so much easier when you use templates and printables. It is amazing how much time (and frustration) you can save by leveraging the layouts and tools that others develop and market.

Want to grow and audience of 1K, 10K or even 100K engaged superfans? Unlock 100 tested and proven Viral Content Templates™. Fully customizable with your brand colors / fonts in Canva and  expertly formulated to generate engagement, grow your following and boost sales, without having to pay for ads (and for less than $30)?

Work-at-home planner template. This template comes as a complete set of 21 unique planner pages to plan your work at home schedule. Perfect planner for anyone working from home to organize their schedule and plan their projects and agenda.

Plug-ins and Sites

It is easy as ever to work on building your business when you use plug-ins for your blog and take advantage of incredible sites that are designed to optimize your efforts.

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Taking the time to learn how work on building your business is worth more than you can put a price tag on. There are so many awesome courses and workshops out there. Here are a couple to consider.

The Viral Hashtags Mastery Workshop. The Ultimate 2 Hour Workshop Bundle to Boost Your Engagement, Go Viral and Reach More Ideal Clients on Instagram using a proven and tested Viral Hashtags System.

LinkedIn for the Marketer. Just take a moment and reflect on yourself as a marketer. Now view yourself as a LinkedIn marketer. As there are great similarities, there are also great differences. As experienced as you may be, you might need some guidance, and what would be better than a report solely meant for the enlightenment of marketers who are involved or want to be involved with the LinkedIn world. Learn all about how you can use LinkedIn to build your business.

Mastering Instagram. Using Instagram can be beneficial for all types of businesses. Whether you own a small hardware store or a high-end luxury boutique, Instagram is the perfect platform to help you market your products. This is because it provides your company with significant online exposure and appeals to your more visual audience, which leads to more sale conversions and profits.Learn how to master Instagram with this highly sought after book.

Other Tools

We discussed templates and printables, plug-ins and sites, and courses that are extremely helpful in building your business. Take a look below to find more tools to help with building your business and with helping you not feel so overwhelmed.

The Future Is Here… The PowerPoint Template That Does It All. The Slide Deck Kit helps you create your own stunningly professional presentations with this multi-purpose and most customizable PowerPoint templates…Select, mix and match, then save. Edit your PowerPoint template faster and easily. No experience required to use Slide Deck Kit PowerPoint template.

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Gratitude: What A Difference A Little Bit Makes


Gratitude can be simply broken down to appreciating the good things in your life. It doesn’t always seem simple, though. When things are hectic or stressful, finding the silver lining can be challenging. However, learning how to embrace gratitude can significantly boost your happiness. Being grateful offers a host of other benefits you’re probably not aware of, too.  Let’s take a closer look at the concept, ways it can improve your life and how to practice it.

About Gratitude

There are many definitions of gratitude. Some people believe it’s a feeling or emotion. Others look at it as more of a mood. Still, some folks believe gratitude is a personality trait a person exhibits. These can all be correct. In essence, gratitude elicits satisfaction and appreciation in a person through feelings, actions or even inherent qualities. However, even those of us who may be more inclined to feel grateful on a regular basis through our glass-half-full-optimism likely need to work on evoking such an outlook.

Being grateful can be viewed as a practice or something you perform regularly. Most people practice something because it benefits them. This is true of gratitude. As with other practices, you’ll get better at demonstrating gratitude the more you work at it.

Benefits of Embracing Gratitude

There are several benefits of of being grateful; many of them have been scientifically proven. Once you begin to understand these, chances are good that you’ll see why it’s so important to develop this mindset. Doing so can have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. Research has shown it to improve relaxation, sleep quality and energy levels. Being thankful for your blessings can enhance your emotional wellness. You’ll deal better in crisis situations and find you’re more resilient when you’re able to look on the bright side. This can contribute to better relationships, too. Appreciating the positives in life can simply make you feel happier.

Ways to Practice It

Recognizing your blessings may not come easily at first, but there are some ways to help make it a habit and a regular part of your routine. One of the most convenient and impactful methods for cultivating appreciation is through keeping a journal about what you are grateful for. In this practice, you’ll write down three things each day that you’re grateful for, which makes it easier to notice and recognize those good things. Meditation has also been shown to help. Also, making an effort to thank someone each day, for even the smallest thing, opens your eyes and heart to abundance. Giving back and doing good for others can provide tremendous perspective, as well.

Now you have a better idea of just what making a concerted effort to count your blessings can do for your life. Embracing and expressing gratitude are more important than many of us realize.

Self Confidence Course:

Are You Ready To Win More In Life Today? It’s About Time For You To Learn Self-Confidence! There’s a big difference between self-confidence and self-esteem. Self-confidence is your attitude and your belief in your ability to get things done. Real self-esteem must be based on competence.

Learn how to boost your self-confidence in this course.

Why You Should Consider Seasonal Life Resets: Doing a season reset simply means you are looking at your life, goals, lists, health, and wellness every time the season changes, and consider whether you are on the right path, or should make some changes. Don’t be intimidated by it; it is not about starting over. Just being more efficient and selective with your habits and routines…

Work/Life Balance: The 20-Minute Program

work/life balance

Work/Life Balance

While overworking seems to be popular these days, it’s extremely damaging. There’s absolutely no reason to overdo it, even if you have bills to pay. In fact, the harder you push yourself, the closer you get to the end of the line! You NEED work/life balance!!

It’s important to learn how to obtain a work/life balance for all aspects of your life without just focusing on only work. Sure, work is extremely important. It keeps your brain active. And it provides the income necessary for you and your family to survive. But it also wears you down, especially if you go non-stop.

The trick for a work/life balance lies in a 20-minute exercise you should do each and every day:

  • Five minutes for meditation. This exercise at the beginning of each day is crucial. Meditating can mean the difference between attacking your day with ferocity and approaching it with an aura of calmness.
    • Meditation centers your mind and calms your spirit. It also helps relieve any tension you feel about the day ahead.
    • Meditation can help you focus on your inner power and remind you that you’re important to others.
  • Five minutes for planning. Once you’ve meditated, it’s time to plan your day. Planning means organizing your tasks so you can be productive without abusing yourself.
    • Prioritize your tasks based on their importance.
    • Try your best to stick to the plan for the day. Having a clear plan for what you want to accomplish helps to keep you focused and stress-free.
  • Five minutes for checking in. Whether all at once or in one-minute intervals, check up on yourself. Assess how well you’ve been able to stick to your plan. Have you accomplished your important tasks? Have you been able to manage your day without losing your cool?
    • There may be times when you’ll have to readjust your list of tasks. There are bound to be unforeseen circumstances. But what’s important is that you take them in stride.
    • Avoid letting unexpected events throw your plan out completely. Take a moment to change your approach. Learn how to go with the flow.
  • Five minutes for winding down. Now that you’ve come to the end of the day, it’s time to wind down. You’ve probably never allowed yourself the opportunity to do that before. Taking time to wind down is the best way to relieve the stress of the day.
    • Engage in some relaxing activities. Do you like yoga or would you prefer to sit quietly and listen to jazz music? Let go of what happened today and get ready for tomorrow.
    • Winding down also opens you up to spending quality time with loved ones. You’ll probably agree that at the end of a busy day, you may be too tired to interact with anyone. That will change when you allow yourself to wind down each day.

Once you try it, you’ll realize that this approach works. Designating these 20 minutes each day can help you maintain a solid work/life balance that works well with your professional and personal life. It can also help you manage all other aspects of your life with relative ease. And you’ll enjoy a calmer existence that you didn’t think was possible!

Self Development Insights: 4 Key areas–family, business, career, eduction

What can I do to gain leadership experience? (Volunteer – 10 Tips for Women

Happiness and Gratitude Printable Journal

Tired, Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Not Moving Forward? – 5 Easy Ways to Regain Your Life

You Aren’t Alone – Regain Your Life

Do you constantly find yourself feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed? Are you stuck in a rut? Well, don’t feel bad because you aren’t alone. People throughout the world are finding themselves in a very strange and uncomfortable place. They are physically and mentally exhausted because of the stress caused by what seems to be our new normal way of life. Nothing seems to be easy anymore and we are having to find ways to redesign every aspect of our life to accommodate all the changes. It is time to regain your life!

Unless you have been living on a deserted island with no access to the news and your electronic devices, you know that COVID-19 has spread throughout the world. It has been affecting all aspects of our lives, from our health (physical and mental), to our business and career. Things that had been moving so quickly and easily in the past seem to be standing still or even moving backwards. We run into roadblocks everywhere we turn.

What is utterly amazing how so much of what we do (or don’t do) and the choices we make are interconnected. One decision or life choice can affect many areas of our life (physical and mental health, business and career, and self-esteem). This applies to positive and negative choices. Once we understand this and pay attention to what we are doing, we can make subtle changes in various areas of our life and these changes combine with one another to improve our holistic health and wellness. Here are five things we can do to regain your life.

Five Ways to Regain Your Life

  1. Reduce your stress, take back your health, and regain your life. Stress is a wicked beast! It affects not only our mind but also many areas in our body. It can cause us to be chronically fatigued, gain weight, raise our blood pressure, and make us lose focus. All that creeps into other aspects of our life because it causes us to stop moving forward.
    1. Meditate, practice Yoga, exercise, and focus on the positive things in your life.
  2. Improve your diet. A healthy diet not only helps us lose weight; it also improves the way our body functions. Surprisingly, it also helps reduce our stress. An often-overlooked benefit is that once we begin feeling and looking better, our self-confidence gets a boost, and that helps us to focus and get things done.
    1. Start by cutting out the junk foods and sugary drinks then introduce more natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Whole foods (not processed) and organics are the best things to eat and they provide the biggest benefits to our health.
  3. Get organized. Nothing can kill our momentum and make us feel overwhelmed more than being disorganized. Scattered thoughts and processes often cause us to become overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. This in turn gets us stuck and unable to move forward. The next effect is increased stress and then its byproduct, becoming ill. Time to regain your life!
    1. Use a planner and digital calendar. Documenting your schedule and tasks is a quick and easy way to get and stay organized. It allows you to remember what you have on your plate for the day, deconflict events, and gain efficiencies because you are able to prioritize and group tasks, which makes them easier to accomplish.
  4. Work smarter, not harder. No, I am not advocating being lazy. What I am talking about is becoming methodic in the way that you do things. We have access to so much technology these days and we must leverage it so we can work smarter instead of harder. Planning out what you need and want to do and then taking advantage of awesome tools people have developed can take a huge burden off of you because you have a way ahead and do not need to constantly reinvent the wheel. Leverage someone else’s knowledge and expertise so you can work smarter instead of harder.
    1. Use templates and printables. There are templates and printable checklists for just about everything you can imagine. You can use templates and checklists for setting up and running a business, keeping your home and family organized, and even planning your day. I have even seen many printables for keeping kids happy and learning. Now THAT is a great stress reliever!
  5. Join a group with like-minded people. They say strength is in numbers, and I believe it is true! Having people who understand what you are going through and who have the experiences gained from being there makes all the difference in the world. Simply having someone to talk to can make a world of difference in how you feel. Sharing your knowledge and experience is a great stress reliever and it also helps one another cope with life’s challenges.
    1. I have an awesome Facebook group, called Self Development Insights, where you can become a charter member! In this group, you will find awesome information related to family, business, career, and more. We will be adding some incredible courses and freebies as we grow, so you MUST join us today!!

To Sum it Up

I just listed what I think are the top five ways to stop being chronically tired, reduce your stress, stop feeling overwhelmed, and regain your life but there are certainly ways out there. Follow my two blogs for other helpful tips and tricks for improving your holistic wellness (body, mind, and spirit), helping you get your business going and growing, and navigating through life’s challenges. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, come visit these awesome blogs, and sign up to follow us so you never miss a thing.

BeOrganicallYou focuses on the holistic health and wellness side of things. We believe in living a clean and natural life—plant-based diet, exercise, and mental health and wellbeing.

Self Development Insights provides tips for improving your life: holistic wellness, career, education, and more. We provide awesome content intended to make your life (and business) easier and more enjoyable.

Learn how a seasonal life reset can help you regain your life.

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Outstanding Self Development Insights: 4 Key areas–family, business, career, and education

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Why You Should Consider Seasonal Life Resets

Seasonal Life Resets

Doing a season reset simply means you are looking at your life, goals, lists, health, and wellness every time the season changes, and consider whether you are on the right path, or should make some changes. Don’t be intimidated by it; it is not about starting over. Just being more efficient and selective with your habits and routines.


It Gives You the Opportunity to Take Inventory of Your Life

With a life reset that you do every 3-4 months, you can take inventory of your life and just kind of see where you are. With everyone constantly running on autopilot and staying busy, it is easy to forget about your goals and what your priorities are.

If you wait until the first of the year, there are going to be a lot of missed opportunities. So many people create these big goals at the beginning of the year but end up failing behind because they didn’t keep up with them, nor did they revisit them. I know I have done this MANY times.

Do the seasonal reset every few months, and you will be much more inclined to make adjustments that help you move forward to your goals.

You Can Make Small, Actionable Changes: Take Small Bites


When you take inventory during a seasonal life reset, you can then decide what should be changed and make small changes. This is not about completely living a different life, but understanding what to change, and what to leave the same.

Changes can always be made to improve things in your life, whether you realized you needed a change or not. Through each “Season” or phase in your life, your lifestyle, habits, and routines are likely going to be adjusted as well. Be open to it, and you will be amazed by what happens.

It Motivates You to Focus on Health and Balance

Health and wellness should be more about balance in your life, not being strict or restrictive. This is the difference between going on a restrictive diet that leaves you hungry and ruins your relationship with food, and simply adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.


Every few months, look at your diet and what you have been eating. Are there some unhealthy eating habits you developed and want to put a stop to? This is the time to find out! If not an optimal diet, readjust and make changes.

You Might Discover New Goals You Have

A reset has a wonderful benefit of letting you see what goals you might be past, and which ones are more of a priority at this point in your life. As with everything in life, be flexible, open-minded, and ready for change when it is necessary. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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#1 Way to Master Instagram


Master Instagram

Using Instagram (IG) can be beneficial for all types of businesses. Whether you own a small hardware store or a high-end luxury boutique, this platform is the perfect platform to help you market your products. This is because it provides your company with significant online exposure and appeals to your more visual audience, which leads to more sale conversions and profits.

Building solid IG strategies helps to attract your targeted audience
segments and increase your customer base. Small and medium sized businesses
sometimes shy away from using Instagram; however, trends have shown that
Instagram works. With more traditional marketing mediums becoming less
compelling to younger audiences, it’s important to maintain a steady stream of new and/or young people to grow your business.

Some businesses believe that if you don’t have a visually appealing product to
showcase Instagram is probably not worth the hassle but that is the farthest thing
from the truth. Businesses that sell services and products can all benefit from Instagram. The key is to push your brand more often than your products to gain
greater brand recognition and influence on IG.

To remain relevant in today’s ultra-competitive consumer world, successful
businesses should find a way to attract the attention of audiences who are now
looking to social media entertainment and content networks by creating traction
through both proprietary media channels and earned media worth of mouth

Compelling content that drives audience engagement is key. Posting with Purpose
and having high quality content can spark conversations and optimize engagement. Whether it’s an expertly photographed image or a series of videos, content creation is the backbone of successful IG Business accounts.

However, engaging content is not enough to keep up with the business trends on
Instagram. To properly leverage your account, you will want to engage with your
customers and audience often. This can be through giveaways, contests, targeted
campaigns and other ideas.

Many businesses use IG instead of traditional advertisement space to make their followers aware of deals and sales they are hosting. It is also a powerful
platform to capture leads and generate new revenue.

Learn how to leverage IG’s awesome platform to grow your business and capitalize on all of the incredible benefits that Instagram offers. To do this, I recommend that you check out Mastering Instagram. This guide goes over all of the best practices of establishing your small business on IG. You will learn about the following:

  • Generating Ideas for Posts
  • Snapping Photos and Creating Videos
  • Optimizing Your Hashtags
  • The Instagram Algorithm
  • Instagram Insights
  • Building Trust with Your Instagram Community
  • Address Negative Feedback Sooner than later
  • Brands that Have Successfully Used Instagram

Here are some other ways to help you manage and grow your business:

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